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Chiropractic care for all (newborns and up). We treat spines from the womb to the tomb!

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Trusted by Thousands of Patients

  • I started to see Dr. Josh well over ten (10) years ago after a roll over car accident and many trips to several "other" Doctors. I was in such pain and on too many meds, Dr. Josh is a miracle worker! He is extremely good at his job! I will NOT go to any other Dr. I have three (3) special needs children who as well see Dr. Josh and Dr. Jenna. I have moved to Prescott Az. and I still take my family into to SCP. They are the best Chiropractic there is in the State of Az.!!!

    Lynn McMurray
  • This place is a chiropractic experience unlike any I've had before. This is not a place to come if you want to get "cracked" and head home. A course of action is created for each patient, with a plan to create a healthy spinal alignment. There is a lot of equipment in the room to help generate those changes. Dr's Josh and Jenna are gentle and careful (except when they are digging into those knots they're so good at finding!).

    Laurie K.
  • Every time I walk into this place I imagine myself bowing and saying "I'm not worthy"! This guy is AWESOME! I walk in, barely, in intense pain and walk out with a big empty space where the pain used to be. No soreness no tenderness it's amazing. I've been to a couple others in the past but this guy out shines them all by leaps and bounds. I can't say enough.

    Mark Ballestro